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Chinese Medicine VS. Western Medicine

TCM and Western medicine each have their own principles, theories, and strengths. 

Natural Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • PRINCIPLE - TCM is based on balance, harmony, and energy, looking at the entire well-being. Its efficacy goes far beyond pain since it allows the body’s energy system to rebalance itself.

  • DIAGNOSIS - TCM is prescribed by the four pillars of diagnosis: looking, listening, asking, and touching. They provide an important window into the patient's interior organs and systems. So, the TCM doctor might do a palm or pulse reading to figure out the patient's issue(s). 

  • THEORY FOUNDATION - TCM is an energy-based medicine that looks at the body, mind, and spirit from the perspective of oneness or inseparability.

Western Medicine

  • PRINCIPLE - This type of medicine focuses mainly on treating diseases. Prescription medication often causes side effects that can be lessened by a second prescription.

  • DIAGNOSIS - It is a technological system of analysis, differentiation, and separation, focusing on various parts of the body. For example, an X-Ray machine is used to see if a bone is cracked or fractured. 

  • THEORY FOUNDATION - Western medicine was developed primarily through scientific experimentation and observation.

Vitamins and pills

Many people always ask me which one do you think is superior? I would say “neither”. Because we need both Western and Chinese medicine. The good news is, TCM and Western medicine can be used side-by-side for a truly complementary approach to wellness.  The sooner we integrate both into a universal approach to healing and treatment, the healthier and wiser we will all be.

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