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Tai Chi

It is the internal Chinese martial art that involves gentle, dance-like body movements with the mental focus, breathing, and relaxation. Tai Chi can correct the imbalance of Yin and Yang and unblock the flow of Qi. As a result, the natural, perpetual balances are once again harmonized, establishing tranquility and peacefulness to the mind and body.


Tai Chi has actually been in a variety of experiments. For instance, in a 2012 experiment, using 195 participants, Tai Chi proved to be more effective with treating issues with balance compared to resistance training and regular stretching. Or, in the NCCIH funded experiment, there were 66 patients with fibromyalgia. Each test subject was placed into a group: the Tai Chi group OR "control" group. The Tai Chi group had a significant drop in fibromyalgia pains and sleeping and mood improvements than the control group who received wellness education and practiced stretching.


In general, these two standardized science experiments indicate that Tai Chi results can be observed and can be measured in terms of its effectiveness.

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